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Continuing yesterday's entry...

Worlds of Aspen Free Comic Book Day #4

...has four previews in it: Executive Assistant: Iris, Soulfire: New World Order, Fathom, and Soulfire, in that order. I'm guessing the Soulfire continuity sells pretty well for them or something. Anyway, all four samples are too short to make any judgements other than "the art is good and conveys events well." I don't see anything original enough to capture my interest.

Ressurection #0 - Justin Greenwood and Marc Guggenheim

Now this has a hook. Not too original, not too spectacularly awesome, but a hook, a promise of the scope and shape of the story to come. To sum up: a man who was abducted by aliens for three (two?) months is visited in the asylum by a mysterious figure after the aliens invade. In the aftermath, when the invasion is (to all appearances) beaten off, he shows up in one of the destroyed cities, writes a journal documenting everything that happened while he was missing, and is killed by the aforementioned mysterious figure ... but the journal gets out.

Now, like I said, not too original. But, as they always say, Tropes Are Not Bad - it's a hook, and it might be good.

Included in the same free comic is a short Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen story, which I didn't finish. Like I've said: Jon Stewart fan, not Colbert.

Atomic Robo, Drone, and We Kill Monsters - Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Ronda Pattison, and Jeff Powell; Scott Chitwood, Randy Kintz, Garry Henderson, Jesse McGibney, and Troy Peteri; and Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom, Brian Churilla, Hilary Barta, Ronda Pattison, and Jeff Powell; respectively.

Atomic Robo is fun! The title character is pretty much a straight-up Deadpan Snarker, and the whole short is a self-aware extended mocking of silly superhero-story origin stories.

Drone looks interesting. Set in the traditional Twenty Minutes In The Future, it looks like the protagonists are three college-age American boys (and I use that word intentionally); the story shown is one of them who has hacked into the control channel for a team of military robot drones, where they're watching them carry out some military action. It's also established that the hacker kid has programmed up a system to control a bot if he wants, and that the other side in the war being fought by the bots is planning an ambush. It could be good, but it's not caught me with what they've shown.

We Kill Monsters is almost exactly what you expect. Two guys - in this case, the owners of a rural (?) auto repair shop - run into a big monster of some kind, kill it, and are dragged into adventure. The sample here doesn't have a lot of storyline, just setup, but it sets a tone that looks pretty promising.

FCHS - Vito Delsante and Rachel Freire

FCHS - Forest City High School - is a straight-up fiction story in a high school. As far as I can tell, it's not even a romance, although romance is present; it's just a story about a group of high-schoolers in their senior year. The art is interesting, though - very spare, almost uniform line weight throughout, occasional hatching and fills. Minimal.

Also included is a couple stories from Remake (Lamar Abrams), whose artist was actually at the comic shop doing sketches - I picked up one of his characters, Max Guy, while I was there. The comic is about Max Guy and his friends - it's pretty lightweight and kinda weird. I'm not really interested, but I can't say it's bad.

There's also a mini preview of Driven by Lemons (Joshua Cotter), which is supposed to come out later this year.

That's all the FCBD for this year, unless I drop in later this week and see something else - ta!
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