Jul. 26th, 2010 10:05 am
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I think I've come up with a new game for Omegle.

Stranger: hi
You: Greetings.
You: Would you be interested in playing a game?
Stranger: yeah... what's game?
You: It's called the imitation game, or the Turing test.
You: One participant is the interviewer, and the other is either a human or a computer program.
Stranger: interesting
You: The goal of the interviewer is to determine if the other is a human.
You: The goal of the other is to appear to be a human.
Stranger: ok... but... the two participants will know that the other is a human
You: The game is played over a text interface.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: you start
You: Am I the interviewer?
Stranger: yes
You: Okay: what is your favorite kind of music?
Stranger: rock
You: What kind of rock?
Stranger: metal... heavy metal
You: How metal would you say each of the following is: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin.
Stranger: beatles: classic rock, rolling stones: rock 'n' roll, led zeppelin: hard rock
You: What are some examples of metal bands that you like?
Stranger: metallica, sepultura, slayer
You: If you had to pick a literal metal (e.g. steel, tungsten, aluminum) to correspond to each of these, which metals would you pick?
Stranger: tungsten
You: Tungsten ... for which one?
You: If you had to pick a different metal for each.
Stranger: ok ok
Stranger: tungsten for metallica, aluminum for sepultura and steel for slayer
You: If you were allowed to choose metals outside the three listed, which would you choose for each?
You: You are allowed to preserve the same choices.
Stranger: hum... let me see
Stranger: zinc
Stranger: for salyer
Stranger: slayer*
You: Mm-hm.
Stranger: ok?
You: Yes.
You: Go on.
You: Are you retaining aluminum for sepultura and steel for slayer?
You: No, I mean tungsten for metallica.
Stranger: yes
You: Okay.
Stranger: I change the steel for slayer
You: Right.
Stranger: by sinc
Stranger: zinc
You: Why zinc for slayer?
Stranger: I don't know... I like this name
You: Zinc is a good name.
Stranger: yes
You: What other names are good, independent of their meaning?
Stranger: names of metal?
You: Of metal, or bands, or anything.
You: What words do you like?
Stranger: hum...
Stranger: new
Stranger: I like this word
You: Okay.
You: Which do you prefer as a word: "new" or "knew"?
Stranger: because the sound of new is a little different of how we write
Stranger: the sound is like "nu"
Stranger: and not "niu"
Stranger: did understand me?
You: True.
You: Yes.
You: Okay, I think I am done as an interviewer.
You: I think I can say with confidence that you are a human.
Stranger: how do you know?
You: Several things.
You: One notable feature is that you can keep track of a conversation.
Stranger: yes...
You: One of the biggest failures of what are known as "chatbots" (a famous one is ELIZA) is that they do not remember the subject of the conversation.
You: So, for example, when I asked your favorite kind of music, you said "rock".
You: I then asked "What kind of rock?"
You: A poorly written chatbot may have replied "Igneous".
You: As in geology.
You: Without subsequently suggesting that it was an intentional joke.
Stranger: yeah... you're right
You: Another factor is that you had an idea of metaphorical language.
You: I asked you to choose types of literal metal to correspond with your metal bands.
You: Another factor is the typo.
You: It is easy to fake, but easy to forget to fake, and difficult to fake realistically.
You: For example, substituting "sinc" for "zinc" makes sense, even though "s" is diagonally away from "z".
You: The sounds are logically connected.
Stranger: yeah.... hehehe
You: Also, you corrected each typo differently, which is unsurprising for a human but surprising for a computer.
You: Once you used an asterisk, once just the bare word.
Stranger: yes... I always use to do that
Stranger: are you a psychologist?
You: No - I'm curious about psychology, and about artificial intelligence, but only as an amateur.
Stranger: hum...
You: Actually, though, I knew you were a human even before the interview started.
You: An AI written to fool people on omegle would be unlikely to understand my description of the Turing game sufficiently to volunteer to play.
Stranger: well... let me introduce myself... fo you know who is your volunteer
Stranger: I'm brazilian... I'm 26 years old...
Stranger: and... I've been learning to speak english
You: You speak well.
Stranger: and... was very good talk to you
You: Another factor in my decision is that you were never confused by what I was saying.
You: Likewise - and I'll introduce myself.
You: I'm 25 years old, United States -
You: - I'm studying engineering, and thinking about becoming a teacher.
Stranger: good!
Stranger: i'm a systems developer
You: Computer programming?
Stranger: and I've studied about A.I. in the college
Stranger: yes
You: Ah - you recognized the game right off, then.
Stranger: no, no
You: Really?
You: Interesting.
Stranger: sure
Stranger: i've never heard about this game... but is very interesting
Stranger: what's your name?
You: Robin.
Stranger: nice to meet you Robin
Stranger: I'm [name redacted]
You: Nice to meet you.
Stranger: in a few minutes I'll go to my girlfriend's house
You: Okay.
You: I can give you some contact information, if you'd like to converse again later.
Stranger: if you want... we can keep a contact...
Stranger: by email
You: Ah!
You: I think best is my gmail address: [email redacted]
Stranger: is very interesting for me keep contact with people from another countries
You: Well, I can
You: sorry, can't promise to be the best at replying to emails.
You: But I'd be glad to exchange letters occasionally.
Stranger: no problems
You: Go ahead and put "omegle" in the subject line, so I know it's from here.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: I sent you an email
You: Okay - I'll see if it's arrived.
You: Got it!
You: Sending a reply...
You: Sent@
You: Err, "Sent!"
Stranger: you are a huma too!!
Stranger: human*
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: okay, Robin... I have to go
You: Okay - have a good day.
Stranger: for you too... a nice week
Stranger: good bye
You: Bye!

Footnote: the imitation game is first described in Computing Machinery and Intelligence, a paper by Alan Turing - an easily-read transcription is available from the Loebner Prize website here.
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