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Dan Shive (best known as the creator of El Goonish Shive) recently wrote a brief argument why alternate universes would probably not contain alternate "you"s. His argument looks correct, as far as it goes, but it is qualitative - lacking numerical estimates - and I don't see why it has to be. The data exists. Surely ballpark back-of-the-envelope numbers could be produced.

...but not trivially. Dan Shive's challenge can - and I think should - be broken down as follows.

Read more... )

Now, I lack the knowledge of biology to, first, nail down these questions to their most correct forms, and second, assign probability estimates to relevant steps in the chain. But the most superficial examination of the situation seems to suggest at least one thing: any alternate universe measurably diverging a significant period before the birth of an individual is vanishingly likely to contain a copy of that individual. Which, of course, is what Dan Shive has pointed out.

And, as an obvious consequence of this, even if such a universe contained a duplicate of yourself, it would still be vanishingly unlikely for it to contain duplicates of anyone not your direct descendant. (Which would make for a heck of a paternity test, I have to tell you!)
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Via [personal profile] egypturnash. Video is a bit monotonous for first two minutes, but the wait is worth it.


Jul. 26th, 2010 10:05 am
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I think I've come up with a new game for Omegle.

Stranger: hi
You: Greetings.
You: Would you be interested in playing a game?
Stranger: yeah... what's game?
You: It's called the imitation game, or the Turing test.
You: One participant is the interviewer, and the other is either a human or a computer program. )

Footnote: the imitation game is first described in Computing Machinery and Intelligence, a paper by Alan Turing - an easily-read transcription is available from the Loebner Prize website here.
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Via JamesAndrix on, a talk from Adam Savage on his method of problem solving:

Second half is Q&A, which is awesome but mostly unrelated.
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The breakdown is here, if any of you missed it. I find most of these results fairly unsurprising (although the "yellow" region of the saturated color space contains a startling amount of green), but it's really cool to read through the details anyway. Favorite bits:

  • The mnemonic* for how to spell "fuchsia".
  • "Actual color names if you're a [girl/guy]..."
  • The list of colors.
  • The entire "Miscellaneous" header.
  • "Baige".
* Fun fact: I instinctively put a "u" after that "e". Perhaps you can guess how I pronounce that word...

(P.S. Word up, Mr. Munroe.)

(P.P.S. I'm feeling much recovered, save for residual sleep-dep from catching up on grading.)

(P.P.P.S. Less Wrong taught me a lot more about teaching than I expected.)

99.2 °F

Apr. 24th, 2010 10:13 pm
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I feel simultaneously terrible and 0.7 F° short.
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I visited the Tomb of Horrors for the first time today!

I think I may go back sometime, if only to see if I can make it out of the iron box with three levers - so don't tell me anything that happens next! (Or even lie about it, actually - that always makes me uncomfortable when I think I've been "spoiled".)
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Poll #2386 The Chocolate Dilemma
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 1

There is a sack of chocolate and you have two options: either take one piece from the sack to yourself, or take three pieces which will be given to Dylan. Dylan also has two options: one pieces for himself or three to you. After you both made your choices independently each goes home with the amount of chocolate he collected.

View Answers

Take one piece for yourself.
0 (0.0%)

Take three pieces for Dylan.
1 (100.0%)

From, via.
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As a number of people have noted, Livejournal placed into their software for a period of time code which would do two rude things:

1. Alter links to ecommerce sites to forward users to a particular company's URL.
2. Replace affiliate markers on such links with a different affiliate marker.

...and do these things on every link on Livejournal, regardless of context. [ profile] shatterstripes looked into this from the technical side, and made a series of relevant informative posts, but the implications are clear: they were mining money from everyone on Livejournal without telling anyone that's what they were doing.

I personally like my Dreamwidth+crosspost solution, and have three invitations on hand, but I'm not going to remove all my LJ content. If you are staying on LJ, I will still be paying attention - if you are migrating elsewhere, please let me know so I can find you there.
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(Forgot to mention until today: the heat pump got fixed Friday! Forgot until today, but not to mention: shipped the application for the FE exam that's due Tuesday in Baltimore!)

So, this afternoon I got a call from J.-no-longer-from-school (yay graduation!) suggesting that we have a Game Night at T's house. Being the kind of guy I am, the answer was most definitely "yes", I threw some snacks into a grocery bag, and caught a ride out to College Park ...

... where we discovered that some streets aren't plowed very well after two blizzards back-to-back!

On the bright side, I got to pitch in with the crew pushing a mildly clueless BMW-driver out of the ditch by the road. (I actually contributed one factor which may have helped much: pushing the front wheel out so it could pull the rest.) It was a really good thing that I have those great new waterproof hiking boots, because I was standing in a big snowdrift ... in my sneakers, with my boots in the closet at home.

The gaming was good, though! We started off with "Da Vinci's Challenge", which is this very patterny game where you try to get particular shapes for points - we frustrated L. quite a bit by talking when she wanted to discuss strategy with her teammate, though, which made things very awkward. After that, we played an unusual trivia game I've forgotten the name of - everyone writes up guesses, but then you ''bet'' on the guesses you think are actually probably right. We wrapped up with Puerto Rico.

I actually caught a ride home with L., who lives nearer my house than J. (Funny: three of us in the same area, and we all three go to College Park instead! Next game night might be closer, I imagine.) Fortunately, the street had been plowed while we gamed - although not all the way down to the street.

Ah, well. Fun night, anyway!
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(Don't answer that.)

Saw xkcd today - I think it's one of the good ones. Behold:

xkcd #701: Science Valentine

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This mashup is seriously the most awesome thing I've seen all week. Thanks, [ profile] tacit! (And thanks [ profile] nationelectric, who linked tacit's essay the other day!)

EDIT: Substitute [ profile] remix79 in the parenthetical - goes to show why you should check your sources...

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Does anyone know why, when a MacBook Core 2 Duo running 10.5.8 crashes hard - so hard that even a Vulcan nerve-pinch is ineffective - that the iTunes will keep playing until it finishes the song?
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Screenshot )

Yes, I just spent hours of my life 'painting' a virtual car with a virtual skyline and a Maryland flag. But that's not the ridiculous part.

No, the ridiculous part is that I didn't plan on putting that Maryland flag on my hood. I was only making it so that I could put it on the license plate.

Second screenshot )

P.S. Many thanks to, for Maryland flag information.
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(Or rather, because I was incapable of not reposting this.)

Bag Check
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To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you as a great fan of Test Drive Unlimited for two reasons: first, to thank you for making such a great game, and second, to suggest a few things I noticed that could make it even better.

Before I say anything else, I want to say that TDU is probably my favorite videogame of all time. The driving physics feel realistic without being unmanageable, the fleet of available cars is extensive and well-crafted, the traffic AI is beautifully implemented, and the variety of missions and challenges is enough to satisfy anyone. Most importantly, the major selling point of the game - the freedom to simply drive anywhere on the network of roads covering the island of Oahu - simply works; in contrast to previous games (such as GTA: Vice City), only the rarest of hiccups interrupt one's drive.

I would say that there are only three things to which I must direct your attention. I am sure you are well aware of the corresponding issues, but I will mention them nonetheless.

First, I notice that the game seems to have been designed with the outside-the-car cameras in mind. I don't really object to this - I know many people like to play that way - but I've noticed that when I am using the inside-the-car camera I (a) can't see traffic lights when I stop at the intersection and (b) can't turn the camera quickly to look in directions away from where I'm going. These aren't game-breaking issues, but it would be cool if the team could spend a little more time on them.

Second, the classification system for the cars is somewhat unsatisfactory. For example, in Class G, the Mercedes Gullwing is much slower than the Pontiac Firebird, which is much slower than the Lamborghini Miura, which is much slower than the Shelby Daytona. In the other classes, too, several assignments are dubious (e.g. the TVR T440R as C instead of A). Adding a numerical rating system like in Forza 2 would be able to capture these details more clearly (although even in Forza 2 the Porsche 914 was underrated). It would also support the addition of a more complicated tuning system, like in the Forza and Gran Turismo series.

Third, there's no way to tell whether another human car is a fair challenge for you before you challenge them except by knowing all the models. Again, the numerical system could help with this: for example, an identical opponent could be displayed with a white halo (like the health indications in Left 4 Dead), and the halo could fade towards pink and red for faster opponents and toward gray and black for slower. (I chose these colors arbitrarily - if you have better ideas, please ignore them.)

Thank you for your time and trouble,
Robin Zimmermann

P.S. I just finished all the missions to get "Ace" rank in TDU!
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(This is [personal profile] electrickeet's fault, by the way.)

So, what was I doing at 09-09-09 09:09 (GMT-09)?

Let's see ... order of magnitude distance estimate, convert to time, divide by reciprocal six ... correct for error in watch time ... I believe I was on the fourth floor of physics, panting heavily, having just run up from the basement two buildings over carrying a 2/3rds complement of Standard College Student Backpack Items trying to make class lecture before it started.
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A man in crazy pajamas atop a skyscraper rains laser death down on the streets. He's laughing as he does it.

Below, fires bloom for the news cameras. Reporters duck debris as they yammer on about demands and manifestoes and terror.
Meanwhile, in the background, the screams of scorched innocents melt into the wail of sirens.

It makes me angry. My cheeks burn with it -- or that just might be from the wind.

The madman grows closer and closer, impossibly fast. His eyes widen as he lifts his weapon in my direction. He won't make it in time.

My hands tighten into fists as I brace for impact.

I have a set of crazy pajamas of my own.

Truth & Justice is a superhero RPG Eric Burns-White (nee Burns) recommended ages ago.

I desperately want to play this thing.


May. 3rd, 2009 11:45 am
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Thanks to [personal profile] bliumchik, I now have a Dreamwidth invite and corresponding account - unsurprisingly, called "packbat". With any luck, this ought to repost across to LJ just fine...


Apr. 29th, 2009 06:54 pm
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Inspired by [ profile] active_apathy:

This is the evolving Internet meme. Copy this text, change it in any way you like, and then repost it on your blog. Then come back here - - and post a link to your new version so we can see how it's changing!
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Via [ profile] jfs:

It's a map of many (all but ~17000) of the artists indexed on, spread out in two dimensions* according to the similarity data that site has between each pair of artists. One of the cooler features here is the Interactive Map - you can look up any indexed artists and they mark them with flags. I generated the following map shown by entering a comma-delineated list** of my favorite artists and taking a screenshot.

* What would happen if it were three dimensions or more? I guess it's inconvenient to render...

** Names separated by commas. Example: Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, XTC. If you enter the list of your favorite artists this way, it works - even if the names have commas, like Peter, Paul and Mary.

Packbat's music map

I assume some interpretation could be put to why my flags all fall on a line between Avril Lavinge and Muse, but I'm not going to.
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Have you noticed the 419 scammers are getting smarter?

I am Mr. J Eric Daniels, Group Chief Executive Officer LLOYD BANK. I understand that through Internet is not the best way to link up with you because of the confidentiality which my proposal demands.

However, I have already sent you this same letter by post one month ago, but I am not sure if it did get to you since I have not heard from you,hence I am constrain to reach you through the internet.

I discovered a dormant account in my capacity as an external auditor with Barclays Bank,It will be in my interest to transfer this fund worth Thirty Million pounds to your offshore account [...]
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What is your favorite macro? Why?

View other answers

Do you have to ask?

(I am so setting myself up for disappointment...)
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Note to self: keep track of the USB cord and charger for the iPhone. Guess I better stick them in my pack tomorrow. For now: phone = off.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:16 pm
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Guess what I just dropped US$428.33 on?*

(Does anyone have a favorite Livejournal app, by the way?)

* Note: included case, Bluetooth headset, and extended warranty.
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...are a toxic mix, for unknown reasons - the third causes the second to crash the first. Forum thread here - the short version is, "go into Mail's Preferences, and in the GrowlMail pane set Notifications to 'Show a summary of received emails'. Or uninstall Safari 4."

Edit: Courtesy of [ profile] codeman38 at [ profile] macintosh, a third way: go into the GrowlMail pane and delete the line in the "Description:" box which says %body.
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The world's most active Livejournal Nomic*, [ profile] nomicide, is running a game of Mafia! The entry poll is open all week, but only to current players, so if you like the idea of a game where changing the rules is a move, there's no better time to join than now! Nomicide Mafia - it's where it's at!

(geez, I feel so weird when I shill this thing.)

(I wonder if I should repost this to [ profile] community_promo...)

* Also the world's only active Livejournal Nomic, but that's surely unrelated.
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Describe your morning routine.

Submitted By [ profile] its_miley

View other answers

As the man says:

Morning Routine

After that, shower, chat with Mom, go to school. (I brush my teeth in the evening, before bed.)
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Have you ever been scrolling through your old Livejournal entries and hit one that made you just go, "what the bleep"?
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As you probably do not know, I have recently been trying out Google Reader as a way of tracking my weblogs. (My "Shared Items" page.) What I have discovered, in the experiment, is that Google Reader acts like the ever-multiplying tabs in the more-slowly-multiplying Firefox windows that keep haunting me, only on speed.

So, back to "Morning Coffee". At least that way, I can say "eh" and ignore the huge pileup of old posts.
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Saw this "genre fiction" (how I hate that term!) book list on [ profile] hmmm_tea's journal - made a few inconsequential alterations to the rules myself...

1) Look at the list, copy and paste it into your own journal.
2) Marks: read one or all of, intend to read (or reread, or finish), loved, hated.
3) Feel free to elaborate wherever you like, whether on the books, the rules, or the list itself.

In no particular order:

100 items long, for whatever reason. Be warned. )

Obvious lacunae - Richard Adams (at least "Watership Down", and I'd add "Shardik"), Hal Clement ("Needle", "Mission of Gravity", but probably not "Still River", however much I love that book), Vernor freakin' Vinge ("A Fire Upon the Deep", I haven't read "A Deepness in the Sky", "True Names"), Edgar Allan Poe (anything, for cripe's sake), Bruce Sterling ("Islands in the Net", for one), Bram Stoker ("Dracula")...
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This is why I love The Internet Oracle.

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

Oh most canny Oracle, to whom every function is integrable analytically,

If fifteen people get on a bus, and then twelve more people get on a bus, how old is the driver?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

Aha! Trick question. It depends how many people were on the bus to begin with.

You owe the oracle more information.
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...but it's an impressive music search engine. Thanks, Cody Cobb!

Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball
Found at


Nov. 5th, 2008 07:13 pm
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Dropped by the comic shop in College Park today - I just read Issue #1 of Transmetropolitan (h/t Blake Stacey), and was jonesing for some more.

Unfortunately, Vol. 1 is out of print. Not Vols. 2, 3, 4, whatever, just Vol. 1. Great timing, Detective Comics - I'm proud of you.

So proud, in fact, I got two other DC-subsidiary books while I was there - The Plain Janes (a Unshelved recommendation that I, who read it on the bus, wholeheartedly second) and Global Frequency Vol. 1: Planet Ablaze (also Warren Ellis, but I mainly got it because of the movie that didn't get made). Oh, and I got Whiteout, Vol. 2: Melt (because I got Whiteout, Vol. 1, which because of Free Comic Book Day 2007, which because of Wings of Change, which eventually because of Dad=[ profile] zhurnaly emailing me a link to Mark Sachs and I'm cutting this off before we get ridiculous).

So, a fun evening, even before the lasagna [ profile] zhurnaly's got in the oven downstairs. Rawk aut!
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Man, I wish iTunes let me give songs six stars.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 11:13 pm
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Oh, hey, I'm going up to Swarthmore tomorrow for a novice parliamentary debate tournament! Yeah, late to be mentioning it, but there it is!

Anyway, my laptop will be staying home, so expect only text-message Twitters between tomorrow morning and Saturday night. As for the format, Wikipedia's description of American parliamentary debate is mostly accurate.

See you Sunday!
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Sorry for not getting around to taking about stuff. Enjoyed The Dark Knight when I saw it Saturday, but consider it overrated - worth walking/running 2.5 miles for, but not nearly the religious experience people treat it as. Also, Two-Face was so much cooler than the Joker. (Yes, I said it. So there!)

In contrast, Test Drive Unlimited on XBox 360 rocks like a hurricane. This is a game where you really can drive at 140 mph (225 km/h) for forty miles without loading, through traffic, and it's a fantastic feeling. Only underwhelming parts are (a) the character customization, which is terrifically complex for not much effect, and (b) the motorcycles, which are a little too carlike to be truly thrilling. Oh, and they clearly didn't optimize for the in-car view. In spite of those, it's awesome - A+.
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Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 54%
Likelihood of you being MALE is 46%

(I always seem to fail these tests, don't I?)

Raw data... )

Take the test yourself here.
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Newcomb's Paradox again. This time I'm making it as utterly simple as possible.

The Predictor is playing the following game: they examine a subject - you, for instance - they get two boxes - boxes A and B - and they drop the two boxes off with the subject. Then they leave.

The rules are simple. Box A is transparent and contains €1000. Box B is opaque, and contains either nothing or €1 000 000. If the Predictor thinks you'll take Box A, Box B contains nothing. If the Predictor thinks you'll leave Box A just sitting there and walk away from a thousand euros right in front of you, Box B contains the million.

Remember, though - the Predictor is gone. No-one is watching. You can even step right up and open Box B before you decide whether to take Box A. Heck, you could get your good friend down at the bank to come examine all the bills, look up the serial numbers, and verify they're valid if you like. You have full control.

(Why, you could even take Box A and leave Box B on the table unopened. Dunno why you'd do that, but you could - you have the power.)

But: if the Predictor thinks you're not going to leave that thousand on the table, if the Predictor thinks that the next person walking by after you and all your friends are gone won't find the thousand on the table, then the Predictor is going to leave Box B empty. Only if the Predictor is sure you'll abandon Box A's contents will you find the million in Box B.

What would you do?

Edit: If you would act differently given different conditions on the hypothetical (e.g. the presence or absence of the million, the track record of the Predictor to date, the outcome of a coin flip - whatever), please describe how.
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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Have you ever been trying to think of a word for ages, and just couldn't come up with it?

Have you ever ran into some new concept which you would love to articulate, but you can't think of a neologism for it?

Have you ever found or invented a term which deserves wider use?

The thing is, I've seen people doing all these things all the time, and recently. Shouldn't there be a LJ comm where people can find and fill their lexicographical gaps?

Who's with me?
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First: Morning Coffee is lovely.

Second: The tags system, while it confused me at first, is also very nice - instead of having subfolders in my "Blog Entries" bookmarks folder, I can just tag posts with "politics" and "economics" and so forth.

Third: One thing that Firefox is missing that I very much liked in Safari - the warning when you close a window which you've been typing in. This was a magnificent feature, and I'm not even sure if there's an add-on for it in Firefox.

...although I suppose I could ask, now that I think of it...

*runs off*
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If you could have dinner with anyone at all, dead or alive, famous or not, who would you go with? Out of anywhere in the world, where would you eat?

Submitted By [ profile] nyclagirl123

View other answers

Y'know a question very like this was once asked at the UMD Creative Writing Club. I cannot top the answer they gave there.


Thank you, and good night.

Edit: Forgot the location. A coffee shop, I think - in London, near the old location of the Globe Theatre. (Amano Clink Street, perhaps!) I'd want to be able to talk.
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A few of you may be acquainted with [ profile] kirabug of kirabug's idea files - but then, you may not be. A few of you may also have seen the latest 100-book meme floating around the LJ-o-sphere in the halcyon days of two weeks ago.

Anyway, kirabug filled out the meme, and in our shredding of "Big Read"'s list I and her other fans began to put together a list of a few items which were rather notable in their absence - and Kirabug suggested making a list of our own. So when she, a few days ago, set up a Wordpress forum on her site, she made sure to include an "Ideaphiles Book List" subforum.

The rules are pretty straightforward - one thread ("topic") per author, or a thread called "[your name here]'s book list", and no calling each other names.

C'mon - I know the lot of you are inveterate readers; here's your chance to make a case for your top lists. And if you need inspiration, here's a bit I wrote on my first book-crush, Hal Clement:

Read more... )

Come on in, register, and contribute!
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Another classic game-theory hypothetical for you all:

Yesterday, you and an accomplice pulled off the bank job of the century - a haul large enough for each of you to retire to your favorite island paradise with no extradition to your home country. The money is all untraceably socked away in secret bank accounts, but, unfortunately, the police caught up to you on your way out of town. After a high-speed chase, you both ended up in separate cells in solitary, where you have been stewing away overnight.

This morning, the state attorney visited you in your cell.

"Okay, listen up," he said. "I know you'll just deny it if we ask, but we know you two did it, even if we can't prove it. So I'm going to offer you a deal. Even if both of you say nothing, we can get a year inside for both of you on a reckless endangerment charge for that wild driving last night. I'm willing to drop that charge and let you go if you'll testify against your partner.

"But before you start thinking about altruism and all that, I'm warning you - my partner's right down the hall, offering the exact same deal to your partner. If you clam up and your partner talks, you'll get twenty-five years and your partner will be let off scot free. If you both testify, I'll give you time off for cooperation - fifteen years apiece.

"That's the deal - your choice. Think it over. I'll be back tonight."

Assume that you do not know and have no loyalty to your accomplice - all you want is a minimum sentence for yourself. (You can make up a scenario to explain it if you like - the key part is that you're strangers, only together for one job.)

[Poll #1207554]

(Edit: Anyone interested in further reading may wish to read the Wikipedia Prisoner's Dilemma article.)

(Edit 2: The crosspost to [ profile] thequestionclub may be found here.)
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Who did you meet on LiveJournal you wouldn't have met otherwise?

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On my Mutual Friends list, there are only three people I have met in person: [ profile] acesifda, [ profile] nanakikun, and [ profile] zhurnaly. Of the others, [ profile] ceruleanst, [ profile] demiurgent, and [ profile] kirabug are Webcomics People, [ profile] chanlemur I discovered through a comic (Narbonic), and [ profile] extd_grb_injoke, [ profile] get_medieval, and [ profile] prettygoodword are feed-blogs rather than personal LJs.

Thus, Livejournal has probably introduced me to over forty people (I count 39 not eliminated above on the Mutual Friends list alone), spanning at least eleven U.S. states, four Australian states, two U.K. counties, and Canada. Of which I live in exactly one, and have seen exactly two others. (Possibly three or four, but no-one on that list has admitted to being in a Virginia, West or not.)

Not bad, LJ. Not bad.
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Anyone else notice Twitter is being down a lot now? Was it always like that, or am I just unlucky enough to have joined when too many others did?

Oh, and speaking of Twitter, a few of you may be mildly irritated with me soon - either already or in about eighty minutes. Just FYI!

*runs away*


May. 28th, 2008 12:38 pm
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A number of you are probably aware of the Nomic I am associated with - [ profile] nomicide. It's in that irritating between-games idle stage right now, the one where we should be trying to make new rulesets but we're just off doing our own stuff, but it's been a pretty successful Nomic while it's going, and I'm pretty proud to be involved in it. (Incidentally, if you ever want me to brag, ask me how I won the first game. It was brilliant.)

Anyway, I just opened a poll to vote for the Head of the Constitutional Convention (pretentious, eh?) where all the players could vote for any player to become Head. Being a player, I of course immediately voted myself for the players I thought would be good.

The next day, the second vote had come in (I told you it was idle), and I opened the post to see who was winning. A moment later, noticing I had two votes in the poll, I realized the horrible fact: I had voted for myself!


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