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A pork-pie, a bowler, and a fedora, superimposed on my head.

Kinda tricky, choosing a hat to go with a 'fro.

20% Cover

May. 1st, 2007 11:38 pm
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Methinks I have a wee bit of work ahead of me, but I liked the intermediate stage. Please forgive the poor photography – it's just sitting on my bed, here.

57.85 KB )
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So, first color version of a possible cover:

I have chosen the title as well – "The Device", no relation to the album or the band – and a masthead:

As for what the contents will be ... I have no idea*. Suggest something?

* Not strictly true. The first installment of Jeffrey 'Channing' Wells's "Chicken And Stars" might well be featured prominently.
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When I saw the cue this week, my mind went immediately to the most recent portrait I have drawn – the self-portrait final project for my Intro to Drawing class.

The sketch )

In the actual scene, of course, there was stuff in the closet. Oh, and a bed, right in between the 'camera' and myself.

Strangely, my classmates thought the result was excellent.
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Meme from [ profile] kevinpease via [ profile] alun_clewe.

The rules: Reply here, and I will pick two things out of the interests list in your LJ userinfo to combine in a sketch. This obligates you to take on the same challenge in your journal, so consider the size of your friends list before you do! If you can't draw at all, come up with something like poetry, microfiction, acrostics, or webcam interpretive dance for your version.

(I will make drawings for this, but I can't promise not to post poetry instead. I am not confident in my pencil skills.)

Edit: Other's answers to mine:
shatterstripes – Mad Science + Pool
alun-clewe – Artificial Life + Symmetry
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Just another image post – the main idea here is merely to experiment with the <div style="float: right;"> tag that [ profile] active_apathy was playing with.

This is just a picture I drew while here at the dorm; it's the HP psc 1350 all-in-one printer / scanner / copier which I use to print and/or photocopy my homework assignments. I also use it to scan these pencil sketches I keep posting.

As for the technical details, there's nothing outstanding going on. I rushed drawing a bit, so the shading isn't as good as it should be; I scanned it at 300 dots per inch color, saved as a TIFF; I converted it to a 8 color GIF in Photoshop.


I feel like I should write some more, if for no other reason than to make it more likely that there's text filling the space adjactent to the image. Considering I have nothing to say, however, I think I'll pass.
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I made this on the fifth. I scanned it today.

Bit of a long delay, I'm thinking. Well, no matter.

A straight scan of the last design )

As is clear from the scan, the design went through a lot of work before it reached this stage. This was the twentieth letter or letter-pair I made in the course of cleaning up the design.

The greatest difficulty I faced in making this work was forming a legible R that didn't turn into a 2 when reversed. This problem resulted in the very square design you see – if there was any curve to the R, it killed the Z. It further resulted in the very short riser below the loop of the R, and the very large loop; this kept the design semi-symmetric like the Z, and unlike the 2. Eliminating the riser altogether did not produce a satisfactory result, however.

A less major failing was associated with the leg of the R; leaving it attached to the almost-loop part made the Z look like an 8. Even when it didn't, it looked far to strange, glued to the diagonal there for no reason. Having it float in space was much better, and allowed it to serve a double purpose as leg and as horizontal.

Now that I re-examine the design, I have to wonder if the addition of a short vertical to the floating leg there would help the Z without too much damage to the R. Not having checked, I can only conjecture that it might, but it might also make the whole look more like PuZ instead. I'm not going to bother.

A cleaned-up version, made in Photoshop (yay for academic discounts!) )

Having scanned and prepared the original, I noticed all the junk still visible on the page. By careful application of the "Polygonal Lasso" and "Paintbucket" tools in Photoshop, I have corrected that problem.

Incidentally, this latter version shrinks well into an avatar:

100x53 pixel version )

Being too stingy to pay for Livejournal, this icon will probably not join my lineup any time soon. I might use it somewhere else, though; maybe IIDB.

Oh, and much credit to [ profile] kevinpease for the inspiration of his ambigram page, and to my parents for encouraging me and leading me to Scott Kim's ambigrams as well.


May. 31st, 2005 08:46 am
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Look! A new "user picture" (a.k.a. icon, a.k.a. avatar, etc.)! Now for the story behind it.

You remember that I was planning to donate blood yesterday, correct? As it turns out, I did, and it went well. However, in my preparations for proceeding to the American Red Cross center where the blood drive was happening, I happened to get out my old sketchbook. Why? I needed a map from the bus stop to the donation center, and I didn't feel like using the printer.

Fortunately for me, however, the extended presence of a sketchbook in my general location inspired the urge to draw. Thus, after returning from the blood drive (and eating some Chinese food), I picked up the sketchbook and deliberated on what to draw. After innumerable a few flights of fancy in which I imagined that I'd miraculously become able to draw from imagination, I decided to try a self-portrait. After checking the mirror in my parents' bedroom and finding the lighting unsatisfactory, I proceeded to the bathroom.

Looking in the bathroom mirror, before turning on the light, I noticed that half my face was in shadow. I was suddenly inspired to try the 'noir'-y thing, and sketch only those features that were illuminated by the light from the window.

This was the result. )

I actually intended to sketch more than this, but the involuntary quivering associated with standing still for so long got too severe, and I had to go sit down.

On the bright side, however, when I was converting the scanned image to GIF format, I tried an experiment which worked out pretty well (or at least interestingly): a 2-color GIF rendering. )

And the same rendering, converted to black-and-white. )

You know, it's probably very telling that I spent (probably) more time scanning and manipulating the picture than I did sketching. And that I spend so little time sketching, period. Nevertheless, I'm kinda proud of this one.
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Not a new picture, sadly, but an older one that I thought went especially well.

A gumball machine )
This gumball machine was located in the laundromat near my parents' house. I drew it while the family laundry was in the dryer.

Yeah, I know this is a copout. I'll make a real post later.


Apr. 10th, 2005 08:07 pm
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Remember when I said I was an amateur artist?


Phooey. In any case, a picture I drew today of a busted dryer )

I'm improving!

User Image

Mar. 12th, 2005 09:35 pm
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So, now I have an LJ image.

Awhile ago, I got some calligraphy pens. They were very nice calligraphy pens, with a good grip, a variety of nibs, and an annoying tendency to get clogged with paper fibers. I use them. Rarely, but I do.

Completely unrelated to these pens, I noticed one day (in class, actually, but that's neither here nor there) that I could merge my first and last initials into one symbol. This idea thrilled me. Soon after, I got out my sketchbook, flipped to the first empty page, and started playing with the concept using my pencils.

Shortly after this point, my mom suggested drawing the logo with my calligraphy pens. Awhile after that, I scanned the pages from my sketchbook. I had some idea at this point about posting all these images on my webpage, but then I realized how poor the drawings were. Anyway, it's just a sketchbook. Not everything in there is worth saving.

Anyway, today I opened some of these scanned pages in Photoshop, copied one scribble out of the four pages full of scribbles, and saved it as a 100 px by 100 px GIF. Then I uploaded it to my new Livejournal account here.

So, now I have an LJ image.


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