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I apologize for the perfunctory and belated nature of this notice, but ...

... I have a problem. My life habits are ill-suited to being a regular Internet denizen - like an alcoholic, I invariably binge, rather than partake, and I find myself interrupting or putting off things I need to do, like working, sleeping, eating, to refresh, archive-trawl, and read and comment.

Given this, I'm dropping all of it - webcomics, weblogs, Wikis, and fora - for the foreseeable future, and I will probably never be active in the way I was. There is a chance that I may revive a few of the less busy feeds, the more idiosyncratic and compelling feeds, to read in small bits at irregular intervals - I was thinking Plan B, possibly Thirteen Ribbons - but this blog and the other will probably fall fallow, and my Twitter, definitely.

Be well.

(P.S. My final bookmarks file.)
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This is the future-posted National Novel-Writing Month post.

Current status info.

My goal of this month is to write a story about a young man who gets superpowers he is entirely unprepared for. He is not a hero, nor is he a villain. As for what he will become – I do not know. He has fallen into a sea he has never seen and where he swims will be up to him and the tides.

I am titling it "Momentum", as the concept is deeply relevant to the premise. I am titling the chapters after basic physics concepts because I'm that much of a geek. I have no idea if I'll make 50,000, but if you'd like to follow along, just ask.
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Unlocked the tweets from the week ending two weeks ago. (It's my rule of thumb for how behind my flist might be on their flists.) Some highlights:

Now, to correct all the busted 365tomorrows bookmarks that I'm sure populate my bookmarks file!


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