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Couple changes to my journal I'm working on:

1. I'm adding time-consumption tags to my entries - just approximately how long to (a) read the entry and (b) read the stuff in the links to the entry.

2. I'm unlocking and/or removing LJ cuts from the old Twitter automatic reposts, for the convenience of archive-trawlers. I plan to leave the entries locked for two weeks to spare the flists of people who opted out, then open them up.
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You know that Writer's Block from last year, "What piece of advice do you wish you could take?" I noticed it was tagged with the tag, "take my advice", and I realized that I had other advice to give.

Some of it is tagged, now, if you're curious.

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Have you ever been trying to think of a word for ages, and just couldn't come up with it?

Have you ever ran into some new concept which you would love to articulate, but you can't think of a neologism for it?

Have you ever found or invented a term which deserves wider use?

The thing is, I've seen people doing all these things all the time, and recently. Shouldn't there be a LJ comm where people can find and fill their lexicographical gaps?

Who's with me?
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I don't know how many of you have been following the LJ Advisory Board elections ([ profile] lj_election_en), but here's my preferred slate: tango, sollitaire, and lordandrei. From what I know (including my brother's slight personal acquaintance with [ profile] tango) these three seem to be the best qualified to work with Livejournal for improvement and most knowledgeable about the problems the advisory board may face. In any case, the election voting closes Thursday at 9 p.m. PDT.

Carry on.
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I sent a suggestion to Livejournal's Writer's Block suggestion link.

Is it just me, or does this sort of thing evoke a false sense of importance for itself?

Eeee, I hope they pick mine!


Mar. 14th, 2008 11:11 pm
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  • Unfortunately, the turkey pot pi was somewhat underwhelming.
  • I'm thinking an external hard drive might be handy. LaCie is good, right? I should probably shop around a little.
  • I got XTC, Tom Petty, and Alanis Morissette CDs today!
  • Naturally, I am dismayed at Livejournal reaching new, untouched levels of idiocy by deleting the Basic Account option for new users. Like certain wise people (only with more laziness), I am honestly thinking about striking out on my own and just reading/reposting here. For the less lazy pessimistic, though: thanks to [ profile] conuly, a update with the proper RL contact info for complaining.
  • To the guy about the IF thing: it's still rattling around in my head - expect mail soon.
  • Anybody around here play Core War or interested in starting? (Bear in mind I'm still yak shaving - do you believe that OS 10.3.9 didn't come with GCC installed? - so I won't be sending any warriors up any hills yet.)
  • Looking at the stack of lab reports that need grading, it seems my panicking skills are fully intact. Also my procrastination skills.
  • It's quarter to midnight? Okay, I gotta go to bed - ciao!
  • (P.S. Does anyone know how to fix a flaky trackpad on an iBook G4? The button keeps sticking.)
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Heads-up - looks like I've been finally struck by the LJ-comments gremlins. No comment notification, yes comment notification. I'll be checking my recent comments (both my comments, recently, and the comments on me, recently), but I make no guarantees.
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Who Wants to Be a Superhero, tomorrow, 9/8c!

Also, if you had a paid account during the power outage a few days ago, click here for three more days.

Oh, and I actually do have something to talk about! You know music? I've been noticing more and more that my opinions of songs tend to change when I listen to them a lot.

What do I mean? Well, let's take a few examples: Smash Mouth's "All Star", Donovan's "Mellow Yellow", Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock", Suzanne Vega's "Fat Man & Dancing Girl".

I love the movie "Mystery Men". When "All Star" played in the ending credits, I thought it rocked - clever lyrics, a distinctive style, a good beat ... a real five-star song in my own personal rating system. And when I saw my brother had a tape with the song on it, I was so enthusiastic about it that he gave me a copy of the CD (bought on the cheap, but hey, it's good!).

And the whole CD sounds like "All Star", with that 'distincive style'. And the whole CD is mediocre. And listening to "All Star" now, it seems kinda cheesy. I've gone from being excited by it to, well, liking it in small doses, sometimes, if it's played by itself.

Now that I think of it, "Mellow Yellow" is the same but more so. I've gone from loving to hating that song, simple as that.

Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock", on the other hand, I started to like. And "Fat Man & Dancing Girl". Both of them sounded flat-out weird when I first heard them, like "two-star skip-it-if-you-feel-like-it" lame, but they're interesting to me now. Songs I might choose out to listen to.

I don't know if there's a pattern to it. But it's worth noting that "Fat Man & Dancing Girl" is one of the two tracks which reviewers rave about on "99.9 F°". So maybe that means something.
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(Not the useful kind that gets you jobs, though.)

TrustFlow II finds people 'close to' packbat )
A PageRank system finds people who 'might be interesting for' packbat )
A PageRank system finds people who 'might be interested in' packbat )

Found via [ profile] hmmm_tea, who (I think) found me through these.

EDIT: Incidentally, [ profile] hmmm_tea's website? Very interesting. Very interesting indeed!
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Is it just me, or are posts vanishing?

I'll check [ profile] news et al. in a minute, but this is weird.

Edit: Nothing in [ profile] news, nothing in [ profile] lj_maintenance, nothing in [ profile] status. Curiouser and curiouser....
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Above 55.8% of LJs )
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Three more pics! Now we can have six!

(Is anyone else going to go back through their posts to change their icons on old posts? ^_^)


Oct. 1st, 2005 07:06 pm
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I was looking at my journal, and I finally decided to start fiddling with the color scheme. Looks pretty decent, doesn't it?

The exact changes )

I like it. It seems to work.
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Wow, I just stole a meme from a total stranger ([ profile] sable_twilight, to be specific). That "latest posts" script must be warping my brain.

In any case:
  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your own bulletin ... along with these instructions.
  5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

Mine, from Forms of Verse (what can I say?) was:
  Down came the storm, and smote amain
     The vessel in its strength;
  She shuddered and paused, like a frightened steed,
     Then leaped her cable's length.

Extra credit if you can identify the work from which this is a quote.

Tags Done!

Jun. 16th, 2005 02:57 pm
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Alright! I've marked every one of my posts with numerous tags, so now they're easier to browse!

97 posts, eh? Cool. And, not surprisingly, the biggest category was personal history, which I used as a blanket category for anything that was just an update on me. Second place was geekery, again, not surprising.

So, cool. I wonder how one gets to view the list of tags on others' journals?


Jun. 16th, 2005 01:49 pm
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So, I'm reading my blogs this morning ...

*checks clock*

Oh, it's afternoon. Anyway.

While I was reading my blogs, I came upon a funny little entry mentioning something called "tags". Minutes later, I find another little entry also mentioning tags. With curiosity in full swing by this point, I hop over to the main LJ page, and find the news entry.

So. These things seem suspiciously cool. Pardon me, my calendar seems to have spontaneously gained a "go back and add tags to ALL YOUR LJ ENTRIES!" item. I'll tell you if I survive.
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What I learned from this:
  • The stereotypes about LJ are true.
  • Most LJers post quite infrequently.
  • A lot of LJers don't speak English.
  • Someone has an LJ with only 2 posts containing only six words (including subject lines), and it got five times as many comments as mine.
  • The other stereotypes about LJ are also true.
  • "This journal has been deleted and purged." actually sounds kinda cool.
  • There are an lot of really bad layouts, but they aren't the majority.
  • Scratch that, they are the majority. Some of these are just painfully bad. Ultra-narrow columns? Inconsistent borders? Moronic color schemes? What's next, annoying Flash anims?
  • Oh, marquees. I forgot the marquees. And the animated gifs.
  • Ah, sweet irony. Someone hotlinked their background pic, and it says "Remote Linking Forbidden".
  • Wow. A newsfeed with no articles. Funky!
  • How many LJ accounts are there? 7.3 million? Then how did I randomly get the same one twice?
  • No way. I actually found an interesting journal purely randomly. And it only took an hour or so of clicking. I'm gonna bookmark it.
  • And ... back to the stupid. Black on black color scheme? Are they trying to look like idiots?
  • Another repeat. At this point, I'm guessing that the Random feature is busted. I think I'll end the test here.

Right. Something's very wrong here; according to my calculations, there's less than one chance in a million of getting two repeat hits like this. I wonder if the LJ support people know?

Oh well. At least I found [ profile] agrumer. I wonder if he'll mind my linking him?

Ooh, his Pigs and Fishes page looks interesting...
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I saw the second one awhile ago on [ profile] nanakikun's LJ, and when I Googled for it, I found the first one. The first one ran rather slowly, so keep that in mind if you try it.

Cut for meme-ness )

Oh, and I finished finals today, and moved out of the dorm. But that's incidental.
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I was just browsing the FAQs, trying to find info on having multiple LJ accounts, when I stumbled upon FAQ Question #167, about the server clusters upon which the accounts are stored. Naturally, I immediately followed the link to learn which server cluster I was on.

Apparently, "[ profile] packbat is on Soybean."

Somehow, I find the idea of naming a server after a vegetable quite endearing. I wonder what the other ones are called.


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